Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Well, do you think we'll have a female Robin come April?

Here's a link to a highly speculative article on Comicbook.com discussing some possible changes in the Bat-family this spring.  What do you think?  Will Harper Row become the new Robin after... yuck... Damian Wayne finally gets his well-deserved death?  Or is this a flashback to a gentler time when Dick Grayson wore the costume?  Or will the new female Robin be...

Stephanie Brown?

Okay, sorry about that last one.  Actually, I'd be very happy if DC did reintroduce Steph into continuity this way.  Unfortunately, I can foresee a coming storm if DC does go the Harper Row route, because that means Steph's place as the first female Robin is no more.  Another boot in the bum for that character and her long-suffering fans.

I don't read these New 52 books, so I'm not entirely sure how the Batman continuity works these days.  Simple answer from my online searches seems to be, "It doesn't."  I mean, no Steph, no Cass, car-loads of Robins and ex-Robins running around despite Batman's having been in action about 5 years or so.  There are only two things I know for certain.

One, here comes something to do with Robin.  And two, if this is a new female Robin, she won't be Cass Cain.


  1. I have read hardly any New 52, but it doesn't make any sense to me. It has Damian (Robin 5), and post-paralysis Barbara but Bruce has only been wearing the cowl for a few years? It would have made more sense if Barbara had been rebooted as pre-paralysis.

    1. I agree. Also about the hope the new Robin is Stephanie. I think that would be a hugely positive and popular move on DC's part. Win-win.

  2. And I'm hoping the new Robin is Stephanie.