Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is Cassandra Cain the new Batwing?

Someone new is coming to hang out with Batman, new to the current continuity.  Grumpy Old Fan (I'm Cheerful Middle-Aged Fan, thanks for asking) at Comic Book Resources reports promise of a new Batwing in the DC solicits for April 2013: "'a new member of the Batman family' ready to be the new Batwing. I take it this last is not Stephanie Brown (because … well, you’ll see). Cassandra Cain, perhaps?"

That would make this comic book fan very happy indeed, but I seriously doubt it will be Cass.  After all, her mother, Lady Shiva, is hardly old enough these days to have a teenaged daughter.  A lot about the New 52 continuity makes little or no sense, so we can't discount this possibility entirely (they could give her a new mom, I suppose, or just fudge the timeline the way they've done with Barbara Gordon and all those Robins). It just doesn't seem very likely to me.  Too much of a goodwill gesture from a company that hasn't been long on them regarding this character.

And what happened to the old Batwing?  Must we always eliminate one character to make room for another?  That just seems weird to me.

Grumpy goes on to theorize why the mysterious yellow-caped Robin could be Stephanie Brown, and that's slightly more convincing: "The solicit asks, 'On the darkest of nights, who is the one person Batman meets that could change his life forever?' Well, if Batman needs a new Robin, that flutter of yellow cape on Issue 19′s cover could reveal her. That’s right: The April solicitations could feature the triumphant return of Stephanie 'Robin' Brown!"

Cass and Steph bouncing back into the pages of DC comics in April?  Grumpy breathes a little too closely to the flickering flame of hope with a joke that's all the funnier because it's so bitterly accurate about the kind of thing that happens these days at the once and (possibly) future home of Cass Cain.  But I will make a solemn vow to start following the Bat books again if either of these characters makes her return in April.

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