Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here's a short interview with Cass's grandfather, Ric Estrada!

I love all the TwoMorrows publications.  Here's an interview with Ric Estrada by Roy Thomas that ran in Alter Ego (volume 3) #14.  Estrada co-created Lady Shiva (Cass's mom) with Denny O'Neil, a fact that isn't mentioned at all in this interview, but it does feature an early design sketch for Power Girl by Estrada.  Estrada's Power Girl sports a low-cut top but not the infamous chest "window" cut-out.  He had a neat, angular style, a cartoony look I've come to appreciate over the years, especially with the influx of photorealists into the field and all the computer coloring that's sucking the imagination out of superhero comics and replacing it with a boring literalism.  He would have done a cracker-jack job on a Batgirl fill-in issue.  A natural fit considering the book's look and his relation to Cass's eventual creation.

A missed opportunity, DC.

Unfortunately, Estrada passed away in 2009.

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