Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bryan Q. Miller gives us a little shout out

Cass fans, that is.  Discussing his new series in an interview over at Wired's Geekmom blog, Bryan Q. Miller addresses Stephanie Brown and the inevitable "Do you think she's ever coming back?" question-- after all, he wrote her Batgirl series before the New 52 Batgirl supplanted both the character and the writer-- and does Cass fans a nice turn by including all of us (you and me and that one other person) in a laundry list of superlatives describing Steph's fans.  Gave me a warm feeling to start my work week.

Here's a question he asked about Steph and one that applies equally to Cass:

As to her [Steph's] future on the page, I honestly have no idea. I think the bigger question is, if she were to come back, would she be who her fans remember, or re-invented?

Hmm.  Processing... processing...

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