Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A slow Cass news day...

One of my favorite things to do as a blogger is check my "search keyword" traffic sources.  How do people find this blog?  Sometimes the results are amusing.  Sometimes they're saddening.  Today they're neither, but in the absence of any real Cass news here we are. Let's check 'em and see.

1) ann nocenti kurosawa
2) cassandra cain deadly viper assassination squad
3) cassandra cain escher girl
4) cassandra cain, 2013

The rest are just searches of my blog on my blog, which I don't understand and shall ignore.

Ann Nocenti has name-checked Akira Kurosawa in interviews leading up to the debut of her new Katana ongoing.  And I've reported on it.  Unless I've dreamed the whole thing, which is a possibility.  So the first one isn't a surprise.  One person did this search today.  That person is cool.  Unless that person was Akira Kurosawa himself, in which case he's a miracle because the master director passed away in 1998 and I still haven't fully recovered from the loss.

The second one is a surprise.  I thought I was the only person to link these two concepts, Cassandra Cain and Quentin Tarantino.  Obviously someone has either heard rumor of my silly blog post or else we've both tapped into the collective unconscious.  If there is such a thing, which I doubt.  This one is probaby just a nice coincidence.

Cassandra Cain as an Escher Girl.  Escher Girl is a concept created by a very smart blogger and turned into a very smart Tumblr.  Being that Cass is an acrobatic female superhero of the modern era it's more than likely she's been escherized a few times.  Shoot, she wouldn't even have to be acrobatic for that to happen.  All it would take is for some hack artist to draw her in the now-classic two-thirds standing figure pose showing both her butt and her boobs at the same time.  No feet.  Possibly no hands.  But butt and boobs, with a waist as thin as Batman's wrist and as twistable as a bath towel.  I've never posted an Escher Girl Cass, but I might do so sometime in the future.  In the meantime, Escher Girls is approximately more useful, popular and fun than this blog as the sun is more massive than the earth, so if you want to see Cass twisted and mal-proportioned by some highly-paid ass trying to draw "sexy," then I suggest you go there and have a blast.  I certainly do!

Cassandra Cain, 2013, huh?  That one was probably me!

Anyway, there's no way of knowing if any of these people actually navigated to my blog and read it, but if anyone recognizes his or her search term here and did take the time to read this crap, I thank you!  Keep Cass alive in...  well, unfortunately it doesn't rhyme... 2013!


  1. I noticed yesterday that there are a few Cass videos on YouTube. They aren't great, but they're something at least.

    1. Thanks! I've been meaning to check some of those out.

    2. There's a live action one that is horrible, but the ones with comic pictures are ok to good.