Monday, January 28, 2013

The follow-up to Fight On, Cass

You can read all about it from the event's originator, Zechs, at the Outhousers.  It's a post full of nice art from various Cass-starring comics.  Fight On, Cass didn't come off exactly as planned, apparently, but a number of fans submitted their favorite moments with Cassandra Cain in a heartwarming outpouring of support, even if the major point of the event-- buying Batgirl #37 from Comixology on January 26th-- proved something of a bust.

Well, that's Cass all over.  Even a fan day involving her goes its own way and does its own little thing.  There's no real controlling of such things (unless you're some kind of industry big boss type with the PR resources to stoke the fandom flames like the boilers of a riverboat about to explode or some such simile) and no real controlling of a character like Cass.

We can hope at least a little message went to the powers-that-be at DC, that if only for five seconds someone in an office there thought, "Cass Cain."  Even if that person was in human resources or an intern.

What next?  Another fan day?  Not for this Cass fan, not for a while.  I'm just going to keep drawing Cass, analyzing her series and guest appearances, looking for other blog posts and essay about her to share with you and keep building my digital Batgirl collection.


  1. I think we should add Steph to the next Cass campaign or incorporate Cass into something like Waffles For Stephanie. Stephanie appears to have a much larger fan base and I think we could get much more participation out of a teem up.

    1. That's a fantastic idea! I'm thinking, thinking, thinking!