Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cass and Steph surface... in an art commission!

DC can consign their least-favored characters to oblivion, but they can't stop fans from asking for artwork featuring said characters.  Well, actually, DC probably could demand people stop commissioning art of benched characters like Cass, but I'm afraid Pandora's already opened that box and Cass has flown out.  Now she belongs to the ages (until DC's legal department informs me otherwise).  Of course, Steph scores not one but two appearances because she's been both a Robin and a Batgirl.

What am I babbling about with mixed metaphors and meandering digressions?  Cass as Batgirl in some brand new artwork.  Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool posted this piece by Nate Snareser just the other day, but I've been back at my job (dressed in Cass-appropriate black, I might add) and too busy to comment until now.  And as one of the only Cass blogs still active on the net, it's my job to have an opinion on everything Cass that comes down the line!

I wish I could post the actual artwork here because illustrated posts provide more "pop" and I like them, but you'll just have to follow the link to look at this snazzy artwork yourself.  It's appropriately epic, with just about everyone who's ever been a Batman, Batwoman, Batgirl or Robin coming at you bolder than love and nearly as bad-ass.  I have no idea who a lot of these people are.  I'm not up on all the alternate reality/timeline versions of all these characters and intense continuity is just not my forte.  But I do know a thing or two about art, and this is some solid work.  Well, I'm not going to critique it or anything.  I'm just going to admire the effort and dedication it took for Snareser to produce this amazing piece.

The comments at Bleeding Cool are a fun read, too.  Nate makes an appearance.  He seems like a truly nice guy and I hope he's getting more of these commissions.  True to Internet form, however, the bulk of the comments are taken up by two posters arguing over whether or not a third party should have posted a negative comment about the art.


  1. This art is really cool. What is that between Betty and Charlie, did Ace the Bat-hound sprout dragon wings?

    1. Wow! I have not been able to figure out what that is! Batman from another plane of reality?