Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Batgirl complains, Superman acts like a jerk

Old doodles from between classes at my last job. This is what I used to do in those 5 minutes-- sketch out these chaotic ideas that come into my mind from the ether. And I don't mean the chemical ether, although they do have a certain stream-of-consciousness druggy quality about them. One liners and things that seem to be taken out of context, or completely go against a character's actual personality.

Superman's wrong, though. He looks nothing like a Wayne Boring Superman. Towards the middle of the page, on the left, you can see a li'l Superman/Lois Lane face off. They look relatively happy with each other, don't they?

I don't know what the deal is with the smug kid in the sailor hat.

Poor Batgirl...  This was back when she was a villain, so that's what she's bummed about.



    Gail Simone shared it with her twitter following. I don't know how many people actually bought the comic, but here are twelve Cass fans acknowledging her.

    In Batgirl #37, I think it's weird that Cass doesn't help that girl get away with her dad. It seems like Cass of all people would want the little girl to be with a parent who would take care of her.

    1. Twelve would be about the same as the participation in Save Cass, but maybe Ms. Simone's tweet will bring a few more participants. Great point about #37, by the way!