Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scott Peterson is playing it cagey about Batgirl Beyond

Because who wants to ruin people's anticipation?  Scott Peterson is amazing.  He's known about this for half a year and he hasn't spilled.  And he's still not spilling.  I think if I'd been in his position and Annie Wu started turning in pages that look like the promotional piece of the first cover DC's been showing around-- Peterson gives you yet another chance to absorb its cool into your system, thereby enriching your own, personal cool-- I would have wet my pants.

Seriously.  I would have done it.  I'm one of the all-time best secret-keepers ever invented, but I would have at least wet my pants like an over-excited kid hitting Disney World for the first time.

Now I honestly don't think Batgirl Beyond will be Cass Cain's triumphant return to the DC universe.  There may be elements of her in the mix, but I have a feeling this will be a totally new character.  And Batgirl Beyond won't make me forget Cass, who is my once and future Batgirl/Black Bat of choice and always will be.  Still I'm more than a little enthused about a serious ass-kicking Batgirl.  With art that looks like this.

What I can't figure out is if Batgirl Beyond is a stand-alone title or if it's just an issue or two or three of Batman Beyond.  A lot of the news I've seen has been contradictory on that point.  One report suggested it's a new title, another said it's a miniseries within Batman Beyond, DC officially calls it an "arc."  Or has my reading comprehension regressed that much over the past few years?

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