Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Potential Cass hunt denied! Or... is it?

I have to go to Tokyo in a couple of weeks so I can get something notarized at the US embassy.  I thought about dropping by Blister in Nihonbashi to see if maybe they'd restocked any back issues of Cass Cain's Batgirl series-- remember, I bought every single one of them a few years ago-- or if some of those out-of-print trade collections had miraculously shown up.  They had Fists of Fury and Destruction's Daughter last time I was there.  Maybe someone in a distributor's warehouse somewhere in Japan found a box of DC trades with Silent Running, Death Wish Or A Knight Alone and sent it along.  That was my fantasy, and stranger things have happened.

Like the family that found they'd inherited 44 of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide's top 100 Golden Age comics.

But it's not to be.  Blister isn't open on any of the days I'm there.  There's still a chance I can locate Manga no Mori in Ikebukuro, where I've heard there are a few American comics available.  My information is a bit outdated, plus the last time I was there the selection was limited.  A couple of dozen, if I'm remembering correctly, which I doubt.  But even if I'm wrong, there aren't many more than that.  I also don't remember if there were any Batgirl issues in the mix.  I don't think there were, but it may be that I'd already bought the ones I saw there so my brain just blotted them out or filed the memory away in some inaccessible neuron.

The trick is finding this place.  It's small and not on a main street.  I wandered around for about half and hour looking for it and that was probably six or even seven years ago.  What makes it easier on me this time is I'm staying in Ikebukuro and it should only be a twenty-minute walk at most.

I feel I owe it to you dedicated Cass fans out there to at least try.  Plus, it's something to write about here while we're waiting for any real news from DC about Cassandra Cain.

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