Sunday, December 16, 2012

The news for Cass Cain so far this week is... no news!

I just did my daily Cass search and no one is talking about her today.  Unless it's buried in some message board discussion, in which case I haven't read it because who has the time?  Even for a dedicated Cass fanatic like me there's only so much detective work I can do.

Here at work.

If I had the day off I'd do a few Cass doodles and post them here.  I have a new "Cass vs." fight coming soon.  It's one I consider the best yet, although I'm partial to the one where I have her fight the 4077th MASH for reasons known but to my subconscious.  Look for more of those whenever an impish mood strikes (and I have the time to indulge), plus reviews of every single issue of Batgirl starring Cass.  Sometime this week or over my winter break I'm going to edit some old essays I wrote about Cass-- and take out things I now believe to be wrong or stupid-- then post them here, too.

Content suggestions are very welcome.  Got an aspect of Cass you'd like to see explored, discussed, pondered, mistaken, confused or rendered impossibly obtuse?  Let me know and I'll take care of it for you.

And finally-- the best thing that's happened around here is someone commented.  Madeleine M., you made my weekend!  Comments on this blog are slightly less rare than Cass Cain appearances in the New 52.  And that means they're very much appreciated.  I tried to reply but Blogger's acting a little funny.


  1. I have a book called "The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told", which is a collection of twenty somewhat comics including some old Bob Cain/Bill Finger ones. Do you know if something similar exists for Cass, or are her comics only available individually? Thanks.

    1. You really did make my weekend! Thanks! Oh yeah, "The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told" is a fantastic book, but sadly, nothing like that exists for Cass. There's a great discussion of "uncollected editions" here:

      There are the trade collections like "Silent Running," "A Knight Alone," "Death Wish" and "Fists of Fury," which reprint most of the first 28 issues of her series, give or take a few. They're rapidly falling out of print, if they haven't been de-listed altogether.

      Hope that helps!

      I think a DIY "Greatest Cass Stories Ever Told" is in order at some point.