Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A more traditional Cass with Enid Coleslaw from "Ghost World"

Did I show you this one already? I drew this sketch on an Intuos PTK-650 pen tablet. The ape is from a Frazetta painting for some old issue of Creepy magazine, that's supposed to be Uncle Fester standing there, none of the figures relate to each other and there's no narrative. Unless you supply one! Go ahead! Have fun! Somebody has to make up stories about Cass now that DC won't let any of their writers. Just don't try to make any money off them because that's some kind of infringement. Copyright? Trademark? What am I, a lawyer? I'm barely an artist!


  1. One December, Uncle Fester wanted to going on holiday, however none of his family members could accompany him. Lonely, Fester sought the companionship of this ape. They make Gotham their destination, because Fester had long admired it as a capital of dark lunacy. While he sought ideas for home improvements, botanical advice, and the Joker Venom recipe, Ape's primary objective was to smash everything. Naturally, this went over like a lead balloon. Cass decided it should be a solo mission, and very quickly caught up with this destructive duo. Unfortunately, so did a very annoying female reporter in a checkered shirt. She (the reporter), wanted to get a first hand account and video footage, however she was completely repulsed by gorilla slobber. She tried to stop Cass, because she wasn't done shooting the video of the destruction. Fortunately, no prattling idiot reporter has ever posed a difficulty for Batgirl who simply side steps her and starts on Fester and Ape. In no time, they are both unconscious, and the reporter is asking Cass ten billion questions and wants a formal interview. Cass responds to the prattle in her native language; by very politely knocking her cold, and stepping over her body.