Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another Cass voice silenced...

We're about a month away from the Fight On, Cass target date (January 26th), but sadly I have to report the disappearance of Support Cass!/Cass Cain Campaign, the Tumblr dedicated to the last effort to re-interest DC in Cass by inspiring people to buy a digital issue of her series.  I just tried to visit the site and it is gone, gone, gone.  Like Cass herself.

It's a little bit of a downer.  Cass gets a mention here and there, usually as an aside in an item discussing Stephanie Brown, Wally West or Donna Troy and the occasional think piece or fan art, but there's just not a whole lot of Cass buzz out there at the moment.  At least not much I can detect from over here in Japan.

It's really difficult to gauge how much of a fanbase the character has left.  I can count four I've interacted with recently, plus Zechs (assuming he's on the level) which gives me a hard number of six (including myself).  Let's go ahead and figure on a few more based on some of the message board posts I come across (these are harder to tally because they require deeper Internet sleuthing than I'm able to devote time and effort to; I'm not Oracle, for crying out loud, but then, neither is anyone else these days).

So.  Two dozen?  Or is that being optimistic?

Well, I'm going to keep on.  That's what Cass would have done if she hadn't been eliminated from continuity.


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    1. Thanks! It's disappointing. The person running it mentioned keeping it as a Cass tribute feed, but I guess it was too much trouble with too little return. On a more positive note, I'm all signed up for Comixology at last and will be doing my part this January!