Sunday, October 13, 2013

Welcome back to the land of the living, Stephanie Brown!

Batgirl #26 (May 2002) Script: Scott Peterson/Pencils: Vince Giarrano/Inks: Jesse Delperdang

I'm sure everyone knows the news by now.  DC finally relented and, as Scott Snyder recently revealed, Stephanie Brown will return-- most likely as Spoiler again-- in Batman Eternal #3.  If you don't want to follow that link, here ya go:

Before the Q&A session officially started, Cunningham asked a fan waiting at the mic for a question, which was the frequent query, "When are Stephanie Brown or Cassandra Cain coming back?

"We know that they're characters that you guys have been really vocal about," Snyder replied. 

"Your guys' love of Stephanie Brown have been so inspiring to us. We're really proud to announce that she'll be coming back in [new weekly series 'Batman: Eternal'], in a big way. Dan DiDio is in the audience to yell at us for telling you that." 

"No one was trying to shelve her," Snyder continued. "It was more about finding the right time to reintroduce her."

Snyder said that Tynion came up with the idea to reintroduce her, and suggested it'll be as Spoiler. Tynion said Stephanie Brown will be in issue #3.  

[Comic Book Resources, "NYCC: Batman Panel - Stephanie Brown's Return Revealed," October 11, 2013]

I'm hoping Steph fans will greet this news with some happy enthusiasm.  It's been too long in coming.  I ate waffles for breakfast this morning as my way of celebrating.

EDIT:  Big apologies to Scott Peterson for leaving out his writing credit.  I wish he'd written more issues of the Batgirl series, especially since he was there at the very beginning!


  1. No apologies even remotely necessary—I was just teasing. Listen, news as exciting as this, with art as great as Vince's and Jesse's, could make me forget who wrote it. I mean, just look at that page! How swell is that?

    1. Thanks! The whole thing really made me laugh, because my first thought was, "Don't forget to credit the writer," and my second was, "Eh, this blog is as popular as that one family who hand out sample-size tubes of toothpaste for Halloween. No one will ever see it." So, of course... And, yeah, this is a stellar page, vibrant and action-packed. One of the best guest art jobs on the book. The interaction between Spoiler and Oracle is great, too.