Friday, October 18, 2013

Katana... cancelled...

Not that it comes as a surprise.  Sales were abysmal and the critical response mixed.  Still, Katana is one of the few New 52 characters I like more than the original universe version.  Especially visually.  Whoever redesigned Katana into a sleek, all-armored killing machine did her a huge favor.  The old ketchup-and-mustard outfit was fine in its day, but not particularly memorable and too bright to be intimidating.  Now she looks like a human stealth fighter jet, every bit as lethal as the stories make her out to be.

When Katana ends, that will also end my regular purchase of any DC ongoing.  I spot-buy when something specific about a book interests me-- a particular story development or a fill-in by an artist whose work I find a "must-buy."  I bought the debut arc of the Batman Beyond Batgirl for both those reasons and because the writer has some positive vibes for me due to his sterling work on the Cass Cain Batgirl.  I bought the Gail Simone Batgirl because I wanted to see how she handled a character reveal (nicely done).  I bought the recent The Witching Hour anthology because it's Halloween time and I'm a huge fan of the original series.  I'll buy the first issue of Batman: Eternal because I want to show some support for Stephanie Brown and out of curiosity.

But Katana, while not perfect, was still a fun book I looked forward to buying each month.  Too bad there just weren't enough of us out there.  Nice try, Ann Nocenti.  I appreciated what you were doing!

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