Monday, May 6, 2013

Wow! This Carrie Kelley thing is getting out of hand!

Seems Ms. Kelley's going to keep showing up in Batman and Red Robin.  The scene from #20 posted over at Bleeding Cool comes off like a comic book version of Columbo with Carrie in the Peter Falk part and Bruce Wayne as the big name guest star we know committed the murder because they showed it at the beginning of the episode.  They even make Wayne lie badly, just like Johnny Cash, Patrick McGoohan, Joyce Van Patten and so many more.

I like the idea of a superteam led by Booster Gold and consisting of Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Wally West and Donna Troy.


  1. So, those scans occur after Damian's death? If so, they seems to imply that Bruce expects him to be regenerated.

    I would add Miss Martian to that team, but otherwise it certainly looks worth a try.

    1. Oh, shoot! I always forget Miss Martian! Yeah, she has to be on the team, too.

      Bruce has completely lost it over Damian. I think Jason's death was the excuse for making him such a jerk during the 90s. This one story I've read of the aftermath here was more than enough to sour my milk over the New 52 Batman.