Sunday, May 26, 2013

There's not a whole lot of Cass going on right now...

Sorry.  I've been combing the web for Cass news and there just isn't any.  So here's all I have for ya today.

I bought a brand new computer over the weekend so I can work on some digital art.  My eight-year-old laptop just wasn't cutting it anymore so I splurged on this new Acer desktop with more than enough processing power to handle Manga Studio 5, Autodesk SketchBook Pro (with all the Copic markers!) and ArtRage Studio Pro (guess I should think about upgrading to 4).

Usually when I'm testing out a new sketchbook and pencil or pen or a digital drawing/painting program, I draw Cass.  Yesterday was no different-- I cranked up Manga Studio, opened an old pencil drawing I did of Cass as Black Bat and inked it in several different styles.

By the time I started making marks I liked-- weirdly reminiscent of Charles Burns, only if he decided to use his foot one day instead of his hand-- the picture was so gummed up with false starts and ugly, hesitant moves I didn't save it.  Which is why you're facing a small wall of text instead of looking at another bad Cass drawing.

On the other hand, this new computer really blazes.  I want to get a tablet monitor so I can draw directly on the screen and see what I'm doing rather than suffering that strange eye-hand disconnect you get from using a  regular (cheaper) tablet, with your pen in hand in one place and your lines appearing in another.  That's just unnatural.  I can get away with blaming that for how poorly I draw these days but we know the real reason is I just don't do it enough.  There were years where I drew every single day, for hours, for the sheer joy of it.  These days I'm lucky if I get thirty minutes of free time a day to do anything.  If I read a Batgirl, I can't draw a Batgirl.  If I read anything else, I don't get to add something to this Cass blog and it goes neglected.

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