Sunday, May 19, 2013

I completed my Comixology Cass collection

It took a few months-- one or two-- but I finally bought the last Cassandra Cain Batgirl books from Comixology.  Even those few issues I loathe.  Most of them now live on my iPhone, where I can read them whenever I want.  Waiting for the bus, during commercial breaks while watching television, when I'm waiting for the English Club to show up after school.

With back issues increasingly difficult (impossible in Japan, thanks to me!) to find and the Cass trade collections largely out of print and commanding ridiculous premiums on (and possibly elsewhere; I haven't looked), Comixology is the best option for Cass fans determined to read all 73 issues of her title.  Unless you're one of those fans who needs the tactile experience of holding the actual magazine.  Which is my preferred method of reading comics, too.

The thing is, I've already done that more than once.  And I live in Japan.  Living in Japan adds another layer of difficulty to reading Cass the old comforting in-your-hands way, so it's DC and Comixology to the rescue.  Instead of trucking a massive box of Cass comics across the Pacific, I brought her here this time via electronic waves of some kind I can barely comprehend, much less understand.  And I carry my iPhone everywhere I go here in Nihon, so why not carry Cass around, too?

You know what?  It's nice to know Cass's backlist is available. We haven't been able to up her profile with any of our little campaigns, but she's still kicking around in a convenient fashion for today's comic book consumers, waiting for rediscovery.  Introduce a friend or relative to Cass on Comixology.  Come on, I'm not getting paid to write this.  I really believe in her.

Seventy-three issues worth!  Plus a few books in which she makes guest appearances, even if I hate the main characters!


  1. That's great. I made a Cass fan out of a friend last week, and we found a lot of back issues at a comic store called Collected in Fortworth, TX.

  2. Oh yeah, buying them from Comixology a few at a time is fun but nothing really compares to the joy of finding real issues in a real store.