Thursday, November 14, 2013

The penultimate issue of Katana

I bought Katana #9 last night on Comixology and it made me feel a little wistful.  I haven't had time to read it because I also bought The Walking Dead #116-- the series title of which is also kind of apt for Katana, huh?-- and that one is an absolute must-read-immediately for me with this big jerk Negan about to get his comeuppance.  We hope.  Wistful is not an emotion I'd associate with The Walking Dead.  But I will give Katana its reading this weekend.  Just one more issue to go and the coolest looking redesigned character in the New 52 DC universe will go back to being a supporting player in everyone else's comics rather than a star of her own.

That's a shame, but it's not as if there aren't other comics out there to read.  Boom!, IDW and my beloved Dark Horse put out comics that appeal more to my sensibilities than DC's New 52 books-- and Dark Horse's especially feel like better value for the money even at $3.99.  Even so, at that price, I still don't buy new comics like I used to. $2.99 seems to be the uppermost limit of my comfort level and a book has to be something really special to make me pay more.  I've spent more than I care to disclose on $1.99 back issues and .99 sales issues, but I'm down from buying 10 or so new comics a month to two or three.

One of those just happened to have been Katana.

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