Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jesus, Dan DiDio, I was just speculatin' about a hypothesis. I know I don't know nothin'.

Apparently, there's this All Access video that shows a whiteboard in an office over at DC (NYC or beautiful downtown Burbank?) with the names of some prominently MIA fan fave characters on it-- Donna Troy and Wally West.  While I like both those characters-- the 1960s-era Teen Titans Wonder Girl (the "clean" version with the upbeat, hedonistic outlook, before they turned her character history into so much narrative spaghetti) is number three on my list of beloved DC characters after Cassandra Cain and Superman and one spot above Big Barda-- the reason we're here talking about this isn't that Stephanie Brown's name is there alongside them.  We already know she's coming back.  Our reason is Russ Burlingame at floats a possibility for a certain "blank space."

Cassandra Cain.

Well, absent any clues-- is this for a comic, something they're going to present to the TV side of things, are they characters returning or characters they're thinking about banning any mention of at an upcoming convention because they're sick of answering the same questions the same way?--  a blank space could represent any character whose name isn't already on the board, whether or not that character has made a New 52 appearance yet.  So Cass seems like a reach. 

On the other hand, that still leaves the possibility it's Cass.  And while some of you reading this may or may not be rolling your eyes (don't deny it; I can actually hear them and they sound like balls rolling around on a pool table) at how dumb I must be, it's still vastly more entertaining to think they're doing this deliberately to stoke this very kind of speculation as a way to hype what will be one of-- if not THE-- most talked-about reappearance of a former character.

And that talk will mostly consist of, "I don't see what's the big deal," "She's way over-rated," "I never really cared that much for the character," "They're just going to wreck her again," and "Her fans are completely insane."

Well, until we get more information, just call me Chief O'Doole.

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