Thursday, February 28, 2013

A look at a Cassandra Cain collection belonging to someone who must be the greatest Cass collector in the world!

If you want to take a look at what must be every single Cass Cain figure, toy or statue ever released (or not released, in one case) minus the upcoming Black Bat chess pawn figure from Eaglemoss, this photo-heavy post has what you need.  Of course, the quality varies and none of them-- not even the ones based on Damion Scott's version of Cass-- really capture her full essence.  You'll find some cool pieces represented, though.

I half-heartedly tried to get the "Batman: One Coin -- Season 2" Cass a few years ago.

Here in Japan, you can often find "blind box" toys.  These are model kits of shinkansen (bullet trains), WWII airplanes or anime and manga characters.  All kinds of crazy stuff.  They come in small cardboard boxes which are all colorfully decorated with photos of what you might get, but nothing indicating what you will get.  So it's a surprise every time.  My favorite featured xenomorph eggs containing all the parts to put together fully poseable Colonial Marines figures from the movie Aliens.  I bought the heck out of those and ended up with a decapitated Sgt. Apone (the tiny parts proved too delicate for my clumsy, ape-like hands) and a bunch of skeletal, spiny alien critters to menace my vintage Kenner Star Wars figures.

Anyway, my second year living here I came across the Batman series and bought... oh... probably one.  I think I got a Robin.  Then I gave up.

Somewhere around that time, Takara released their Batman and Superman Microman figures featuring both the comic book and most recent movie versions of both hero.  The Batman set included a Barbara Gordon Batgirl.  Since Microman figures are fully interchangeable, I took a few parts from her and some from a basic black female figure and snapped together the most slapdash custom Cass Cain figure imaginable.

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