Thursday, May 15, 2014

"BATSUIT" - Batman Music Video feat. BATMAN, Nightwing, Catwoman from "J...

Okay, wow! I have to admit this isn't what I expected when I got a comment asking me to check it out and post it here. I thought it was going to be one of those videos with images from the comics set to some melancholy emo tune (wait, is there another kind of emo tune?). Or a fan film with more enthusiasm than skill in the execution. I'm in favor of both of those things, actually. Instead, it turns out to be a slick music video with some surprisingly well-executed fight choreography to go with the beats, plus some excellent cosplay.

 The catchy song is one of those "come on" songs, which is a traditional theme in pop music. "Let's Do It" by Cole Porter may edit itself by making the "do it" refer to falling in love, but you know what you're supposed to think it means during the lines about birds, bees and educated fleas. These days, we can be more explicit and this song's lyrics make no bones (hee hee) about the singer Jennifer Zhang's passion for Batman's body.

And I'm completely cool with that, as well, although someone appears to disagree with Zhang's spy-flick flirting methods about halfway through. Give it a watch and find out who it is. Here's a spoiler-- it isn't Spoiler.