Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A promising new Cassandra Cain Tumblr...

This has been a nice week for those of us still toting the Cass Cain fandom banner.  First comes a neat blog about her, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane, and this morning I tumbled (Heehee!  I'm so clever!) what appears to be a brand-new blog that promises to become a fascinating regular read-- Understanding Cassandra Cain, a Tumblr devoted to a deep reading of Cass and her motivations

As a Cass fan, these kinds of analysis, whether they're psychological or literary or both, are exactly the kinds of things I enjoy reading, second only to comics featuring Cass herself.  For a while there it seemed as if this was going to be the only blog that tried to do much with Cass.  Cass fandom quieted down to a mere whisper compared to the very active one devoted to Stephanie Brown.  Now we're starting to make some noise of our own and it's about time!

Let's go!

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