Thursday, November 1, 2012

Presto-Changeo! This comic book stuff is strange-o!

Even lurking around the outer rim of the comic book universe provides moments of mystery. Teensy, tiny moments of inconsequential mystery that provide a few moments of head-scratching amusement.  Which then expand like black holes, spinning reason along the event horizon until it’s so stretched out it becomes something entirely different.  Perhaps the beginning point passes the end point and suddenly we’re going forwards and backwards in time simultaneously before emerging on the other side in a reality where Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Wally Wood and Donna Troy still exist.  Possibly some back issue bin in a store somewhere where comics with their stories are a buck a piece.

Today’s DC-related strangeness:  Someone faked an image from Dustin Nguyen’s Batman: Li’l Gotham.  You know the one—the one where a trick-or-treater dressed like the Stephanie Brown Batgirl had her hair color changed from blond to black.  Which is already a bizarre thing for DC to do.  Leave the hair alone, earn a little goodwill back from Steph fans.  But then someone decided to rig up an image where the Stephian purple costume highlights are also black.  Which Bleeding Cool posted.  Why do something like that?

My guess is someone meant it as a joke, but we’ll never know the truth.  All I can say is, this entire episode isn’t just weird.  It’s beyond weird.  If weird were one of the inner planets, and we were some kind of NASA space probe, we’d be Voyager I.

Weird.  And stupid.  The art's still adorable, though.


  1. My only theory is that DC wants Batgirl to be inextricably linked to Barbara Gordon now and forever, which means that the former Batgirls cannot appear, be mentioned, or be referenced in any capacity in any comic. That said, DC is just coming off as incredibly petty at this point. I always joke about how DC is run by a bunch of whiny fanboys who never grew out of adolescence, but it's starting to look more and more true.

  2. I agree. It's definitely petty. What makes it surreal is the release of artwork featuring the characters and then the changes and someone doing an extra fake one.