Sunday, March 10, 2013

Well, the last thing I want to do is make this blog a simple link aggregator

I really want to give you more content for your money here at Cass-O-Rama!, Japan's leading Cass Cain fan blog, but it's Monday and I'm at work and suffering from severe seasonal allergies.  But there are a few cool Cassandra Cain-related thing happening right now on different places around the web.  Too bad I can't say they're happening in comic books or at DC's official site.  So I'm going to link to them here and hope you go check them out.

Comic Vine has some terrific art on their "Awesome Art Picks" feature.  If you scroll down a ways, you'll find Dustin "Li'l Gotham" Nguyen's sweet drawing of Cass as Black Bat.  Nguyen attempted to slip Stephanie Brown and Cass into the Li'l Gotham comic itself, but we see how that worked out.  This drawing makes me long for Nguyen's art on a straight-up Cass/Steph book, whether it's in-continuity or out-of-continuity.  And not in the stubby-cute Li'l Gotham style.  This.  The man has chops.

Over at Scans Daily, "espanolbot" breaks out a Cass tribute with some artwork from the Batgirl series.  Yeah, it's not really the Joker, but it's still a col sequence of Cass at her ass-whuppin' best.  At some point we'll talk about this issue in depth here.

And finally, someone at the One Sixth Warrior forum for fans/collectors of 1/6th scale figures is asking for help in making a Cass Cain Black Bat figure.  Which is certainly a worthy project and one I've considered doing myself.  I love custom action figures and the 1/6th scale is my favorite because of the wicked detail you can put into the figure and its costume.

It's a rare day indeed when there's this much Cass-based chatter online.  It makes me feel like celebrating!

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