Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cassandra Cain as Batgirl Beyond?

Before we get too excited, remember this is DC we're talking about.  And Cass.  Two tastes that no longer seem to go together, as if peanut butter and chocolate suddenly became as incompatible as minty toothpaste and orange juice.  But there's a new Batgirl coming in Batman Beyond.

Her identity is unknown, but she "going to have a healthy working relationship with Commissioner Barbara Gordon," according to plus a Cass-ian bat-logo.  Considering the involvement of Scott Peterson, that it's a relatively low-risk digital title, the completely bad-ass first-look image by artist Annie Wu, the book's setting in a future DC universe, Lady Shiva's de-aging in the New 52 and the pro-Cass moment at a recent comic book convention, there's at least the shadow of a chance this future Batgirl might be Cass.

Let's be realistic, however.   That having Batgirl Beyond reveal herself as Cass would work perfectly within the current continuity plus make me incredibly happy renders it even less likely she will be my favorite benched DC character, though.  My best guess is she will be a totally new character, and-- even though I desperately hope DC will make the genius move of making her Cass Cain-- in the interest of conciliatory gestures, I'm willing to give her a shot even on the basis of the creative team (that image compels!) and digital format.  Yeah, I might even do something once seemed more unlikely than even the idea of Cass back in action in the DC universe-- I might buy an issue of Batman Beyond.

Oh, but of course... there's always a chance she's Stephanie Brown.  Right?  Right?

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