Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another DC panel, another request for Cass!

I suppose you know about this already, right?  DC Women Kicking Ass reports on a little pro-Cass incident that happened at the Emerald City Comicon.  Unfortunately, Stephanie Brown was a taboo question topic, but DC allowed Cass for some reason.  The crowd apparently responded very positively when asked if they wanted to see Cass back in the DC universe and panel member Larry Ganem said he'd make a note of it.

Of course, both the Steph ban and the Cass note might have been little jokes, but it's heartening to learn Cass still has some convention support out there.  Beyond buying issues of her series on Comixology, occasionally mentioning her online to pros who maintain an active social media presence and writing respectful letters to DC about her, one of the best ways of keeping Cass alive to DC is to ask nicely about her at convention panels.  Nicely.  Again-- nicely.

At least until they ban all mentions of her.

It's a little glint of hope, anyway.  Perhaps we can read into this signs of a Cass thaw at the DC headquarters the way Kremlin-watchers used to analyze every speech, Pravda article and news broadcast to find out who was in and who was out and what policies might come into effect back during the Cold War.  I have confidence Cass will re-appear in comics sometime in the near future.

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