Friday, October 5, 2012

"Bat Man of Shanghai:" Why can't there be a Cass Batgirl cartoon or comic like this?

But with dialogue that's not so perfunctory. By now everyone and her purple-clad best friend has watched this short, and we're not enjoying it because of its literate script. For me, it's the awesome Catwoman. I like her better than the one in the comics. It's cool they allow her to be kick ass enough to show some vulnerability and take her lumps. She's clearly outmatched by both the Bat Man and Bane, but she's still in there, after that scroll and she's not going to give up until someone knocks her the hell out.

As a stylistic exercise, it's impressive. With lines like, "This way! Hurry up!" and "Hey! What do you think you're doing? Get down from there!" they obviously didn't invest a whole lot in the script. You know, there's nothing wrong with purely visual storytelling with flashy kinetics, but there's also no reason why the characters have to speak in mindless declarative sentences. Let's put this amazing stuff to better use!

And do it with Cassandra Cain next time.

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