Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Aww... It's a little Cass!

DC Women Kicking Ass linked to this, and now so am I because it has a li'l Cass as Black Bat somewhere among all the other heroes... and you have to find her.  It's a game.  It's an adventure.  It's a game that's an adventure, that's really something you do sitting down at your computer.

The drawing is by Peter V. Nguyen.  Nice work!  It looks like a digital piece with a painterly approach.  Modeling is done with swaths of color not really blended in, just kind of sitting there.  Gives it a raw energy where something more refined would have felt stiff and off-putting.  I know the kids these days are into photorealism and colors smoothly grading into each other, but I prefer a more "artist's hand" approach like this.  I don't need to feel I'm looking at a photo to enjoy my super people.  They just need to have an internally consistent style or realization.  And appeal.  Especially appeal.

I like the black and white linear version best, though-- the wash on Batwoman's cape and Cass really impresses, and Nguyen's really got a way with hair.  I'd like to see him build a bit more depth there with those washes!  But I'm kind of a freak about black and white art and ink wash.

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