Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Cassandra Cain doodle...

Back when DC abruptly changed Cass into a talkative villain, I came up with my own version. My Batgirl is pretty much the original silent, deadly version from the real comic, but in a kind of retro-Batgirl suit, minus the high heels (of course). As sort of an antidote to the dark Wonder Dog-eats-Wendy storytelling popular at the time, I had this idea of putting an ultra-violent Cass in a sunny, neo-retro-post-modern take on the Teen Titans, only this time headed by this socially aware super-achiever version of Supergirl. Other members were Wonder Girl based on the cheerful hedonist version from the original Teen Titans comic (she'd cause the more responsible Supergirl no end of headaches), a shaky, insecure version of Robin and Cyborg. Kid Flash, Speedy and others would come and go as the stories dictated. Yeah, it was a stupid idea, but writing scripts no one would see and doing little doodles on ATM receipts really kept my love for these characters alive when their actual caretakers seemed to be doing everything in their power to destroy them.

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