Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'd read a Marvel comic about Stephanie Brown

Or even just featuring Stephanie as a guest character.

I find The Outhousers to be very hit-or-miss with their attempts at humor, but the headline "Marvel to Bring Back Stephanie Brown" made me laugh.  It's exactly the kind of absurdist joke that tickles me.  I planned to write a little blog entry about it over a month ago but never got around to it, never had much time.  Today I found time so I did a quick Google news search and found...

It's actually Marvel's joke!  Well, no matter.  It's still funny.  It would be funnier still if Marvel follows through with it.  Now that would be the kind of absurdist joke that both tickles me and gets some of my money.  They could toss in Cass and make me a confirmed Marvelite.

I've often suggested Marvel do a buddy book starring Dani Moonstar and Xi'an Coy Manh as they travel the US (or even the world) in a Chevy Custom van and solve people's problems.  Hey, why not throw Steph and Cass in there, too?  Maybe they could be a band or something.

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