Thursday, September 5, 2013

At last... a Cassplay tutorial!

Out of nowhere, a cosplayer and blogger named daggerpen hit me with a link to a Cass Cain Batgirl tutorial that really made my day.  One thing I want to do here is promote Cass visibility and Cassplayers at any comic convention or fan gathering do more for the character than a thousand blog posts here at the sad little Cass-blog nobody reads.  Daggerpen has put together a solid Cass look (the emblem is especially sharp and well-defined, which adds a lot to any "professional" presentation), and also provides solid information and links for any potential Cassplayer to follow suit (A pun!  I am so clever!).

One thing that interests me about this-- the color scheme.  Obviously, Cass Batgirl has a very basic scheme.  It's two colors, black with yellow highlights.  One thing you have to do-- and daggerpen nails it-- is match the yellow on the bat-symbol/emblem to the yellow on the utility belt.  This really ties the look together and breaks up the black in a uniform manner.  Some may choose to go with gold highlights, which is fine as well.  Comic book illustrations leave room for interpretation and even the comic book artists themselves provide variations of material and specific details.

Cass' Batgirl costume is a very dramatic and difficult one to pull off with that over-the-face cowl-mask arrangement.  It'd probably be easier to be Black Bat since you only have to worry about making a flared domino-style mask rather than something clinging to your facial contours.  While I love any kind of cosplay, people who can rock a Batgirl Cass get an extra dollop of respect. And people who share their ideas in a practical way get another on top of that.

Thanks, daggerpen!

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