Friday, April 19, 2013

Here's a Cass Cain cosplay that gets extra credit because she kicks Robin in the stomach

I've probably written (too much) about this before, but one of my favorite sketch scenarios when I'm fooling around in the scant minutes I have for such things is to draw Cass beating up either Robin or Batman.  Screw my story-based rationale.  All that matters is it's just a thing I do.  So when I came across this neat spread of cosplay photos featuring a very slick Cass-Batgirl costume with a single photo of Cass putting her foot in Robin's belly, of course I had to link it here.  This one has a fun treatment of Cass's eyewear and the finned gauntlets in plastic give it a slight "movie-verse" look.  Plus, they look razor-sharp.  The last thing you want as a Bat-cosplayer is a floppy finned gauntlet.

Cosplay is pretty cool stuff.  I'm a huge admirer of people who put time and effort into this hobby.  A Cass-Batgirl is an extremely dramatic yet difficult costume to pull off because of the full-head mask-- those eyes again-- and the clingy bodysuit.  I'm not talking about the engineering, just the visual results.  It's probably not the most comfortable outfit to wear, either.  And while we can quibble with details like gloves and boots, I think it's best for a cosplayer to interpret the character in a way that makes sense to her or him.  Going "comic book accurate" is fine, but different artists interpret Cass's costume in various ways.  Some make it shiny like PVC or patent leather, others give it more of a Neoprene look.  I've seen cosplayers do the same.  Shiny or spandex, it's up to you.

I hope more people cosplay as Batgirl-Cass or Blackbat-Cass.  Seeing their real world interpretations of our 2D fave makes me smile.  I see them as yet more proof of the endless creativity you can find in fandom.  And I get bored with stormtroopers, stormtroopers, stormtroopers all the time.

Great job!

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