Thursday, May 15, 2014

At least one person thinks Cass is coming back in Batman: Eternal #9 (June 2014)

And I agree.  I agree there's a ghost of a chance there's a smidgen of a slight possibility that it could be a thing that may or may not happen.  I'd be glad.  It would mean I have to buy a Nu-52 DC comic, which is something I stopped doing after Katana #8.

Checking out Eternal artist Guillem March's art on his blog.  Wow, he's been around practically forever, but I'm so out of the DC fan loop, I'd never even heard of this guy.  Damn, I quite like it, though!  I love the line quality and the way he handles dramatic lighting and figure construction.  He knows how to twist bodies, doesn't he?  Lots of energy in the rendering and lots of life.  Little bit of Kaluta, little bit of Kubert, little Buscema, little Wrightson, little Bissette/Totleben.  There's a kind of classic quality to what I'm seeing there, like he could have done a few covers for The Witching Hour back in the 70s.  I love comic book drawings that look like drawings rather than super-slick fashion magazine photos.  This guy definitely needs to draw Cass.

But whether or not he is or already has... that is the question, isn't it?

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