Sunday, February 9, 2014

Unfinished blue line rough of Cass versus a Female Fury

Kind of dull.  The Cassandra Cain pose is stiff and does nothing for me.  I'm also thinking the part where the Fury is grabbing Cass' cape needs to be reworked.  The cape should be on top of the hand, pulled taut.  I may or may not finish this one of these days, and if I do, I'll fix that.  There will be more Female Furies in it if I do.  This is a little sketch of a scene from a story I came up with.  It's derivative of a story that DC actually ran a while back, but I honestly think my version is superior.  In fact, it's so good I'm keeping it for myself and using it in a prose work I'm mulling over, but with greatly altered characters so as to avoid one of those fun little life events we like to call a lawsuit.  Of course, as long as it stays safely locked away in my brain, I can make it about anyone!

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