Friday, August 9, 2013

Albany, Georgia, is a hotbed of Cass Cain availability!

Yesterday I dragged my wife to the local comic book store here in this south Georgia town where we've apparently decided to honeymoon.  I didn't buy any of Cassandra Cain's comic book series, but I did find a huge stash of these four-color treasures there.  The store is called Comics and Cards, Inc., and if you're a Cass fan and find yourself in Albany, Georgia, you have to stop there.

Comics and Cards, Inc., doesn't have a complete run of Batgirl starring Cass, and they lack some key issues.  There's no first issue and no #24.  I think the earliest one they have is #4, then the run becomes spotty.  One reason for this is I bought books to fill gaps in my own print Batgirl collection a long time ago.  Still, if you're looking for Cass in Albany, you're in luck with one of the best selections I've come across in a long time.

Also, Comics and Cards, Inc., carries just about anything newly-printed you're looking for from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, IDW and Boom!.  Since it was Thursday the shelves were groaning with the strain from supporting new stock and they have the last few months of back issues on display there as well.  After the slim pickings of monthlies in Japan, this was like coming home hungry to a house full of favorite snacks and comfort foods.  And the people working there are super-nice.  I've always enjoyed a pleasant relationship with the management there, and the guy working the register made us feel welcome as well.

And yes-- Cassandra Cain lives there still.

On the other hand, while Books-A-Million at the Albany Mall has deepened their stock of new issues and graphic novels (and manga... tons of that), there is zero Cass to be had.  Sorry.

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